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Sheng Hong shares won the China industry "Oscar"

The company was awarded the national industry awards in recognition of awards
In May 17th, our industry highest award -- the third China industry award in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing yesterday. Jiangsu Shenghong Polytron Technologies Inc has won Chinese industry known as "Oscar" and "Chinese industry awards in recognition of awards", become one of the current selection of only three in the award-winning textile industry enterprises.
Chinese industry award is the highest award the State Council approved the establishment of China's industrial areas, known as "Oscar", Chinese industry recognizes adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, go China characteristics of a new road to industrialization, the direction and the way to represent our country industrialization, represents the highest level of industrial development, enhance the comprehensive national strength, to make a significant contribution to promote the development of the national economy industrial enterprises and projects, in order to establish a number of good benchmarking enterprises and projects, and promote the formation of a large number of core competitiveness of enterprises, award every three years, a time selection, divided into China industry award, award of commendation and award nominations. Chinese Industrial Economic Federation, director of Chinese industry awards in recognition of the General Assembly Committee Li Yizhong said, the award-winning enterprise to achieve the "Chinese lead" and "Chinese creation", represents the highest level of China's industrial development, out of a new road of industrialization has Chinese.
Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. As the country's textile business leader, Sheng Hong shares on the "fiber technology" innovation, has formed an annual output of 1650000 tons of polyester differential fiber production, polyester filament differentiation rate of more than 80%. Low elastic polyester (DTY) and superfine fiber products industry ranked first in domestic, the company has advanced production technology and technology, unique technological innovation capability, with independent intellectual property rights, the application of information technology, the core technology to reach the domestic advanced level, the leading position of the industry.
Sheng Hong took the lead in the industry to large-scale use of ring blowing cooling process and technology for producing superfine and differential fiber, a world leading level of superfine fiber development, 1440000 meters single weight only 22 grams, close to the diameter of hair 1/200. In the oil resources are exhausted day by day today, with the use of crude glycerol as raw material to replace oil, to improve the technological level of China's chemical fiber industry, has an important strategic significance of promoting industrial upgrading. At present, device Sheng Hong has built the first with independent intellectual property rights of 30000 tons / year PTT continuous polymerization, to break the foreign monopoly on PTT polymerization technology. At the same time, with the use of crude glycerol as raw material to extend the bio based PDO, formed a complete industrial chain of biomass synthetic polymer fiber.
In addition, Sheng Hong also actively promoting the "two integration", building a modern intelligent plant, break through the traditional limit of the equipment, and supplier development for enterprise production equipment, through the patent a lot of technological innovation, the full implementation of the automatic operation, and improve the fiber quality, production efficiency was increased by 30%; the whole process automation, intelligent production, improves the production efficiency, save the manpower of 30%, the product grade to enhance the rate of 2%. In 2013 the company responsible for two of the Ministry of industry and information technology integration project, set up the industrialization, intelligence, information fusion model enterprise, China's chemical fiber industry implementation of the "two integration" play a leading and exemplary role.
Shenghong response to the state of the "scientific and technological progress" and "upgrade" direction, the core target on the development of "chemical fiber power" to the development of science and technology progress on research, accelerate the new products and new technology, promote the upgrading of industrial technology, to play a leading role, demonstration. The textile industry is a traditional industry, but there is a new definition of the Sheng Hong, on this basis, the company will be more strong enterprises to rely on scientific and technological innovation, bigger and stronger, do fine do best confidence, enhance the international competitiveness of China's textile industry.