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Fan Bin, deputy director of the Department of policy and regulation of the Ministry of industry research group
September 21st, the State Ministry of industry policy and regulation department deputy director Fan Bin line research group, the textile enterprise transformation and development, intelligent manufacturing and other in-depth understanding of the situation.
At the forum, Tang Jinkui, vice chairman of the group on the basic situation of the textile industry Sheng Hong Fan Bin made a specific report. In the face of the challenges of transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, Shenghong group with "wisdom" to the development of intelligent technology and equipment import advanced industry, improve the production efficiency, and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, extending a benign development path.
After the meeting, the Ministry of industry and the bank in the executive assistant to the president, Gu Donghua, accompanied by the production of Zhang Jianguo, visited the country in the hope that the planning exhibition hall. Zhang Jianguo to the implementation of the product differentiation strategy and the full implementation of the intelligent production workshop were introduced. Through the field of products and equipment, shows the enterprise in recent years, the implementation of intelligent, information technology has achieved remarkable results.
The research group of Shenghong group in the textile industry have achieved highly positive, also said that the Ministry of industry and information technology to promote the development of the textile industry, will further adjust the service mechanism, and for the development of enterprises and independent innovation to solve problems.