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ChengHong holding group co., LTD. Is a large state-level enterprise group, was founded in 1992, is located in the history.the in suzhou. Group formation of petrochemical, textile, energy, real estate, hotel five industry group enterprise. With research and development, production, investment, trade,Group has been rated as "national technology innovation model enterprise", "national advanced unit of circular economy", "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise", "national textile industry advanced collective": "China well-known trademark" title. In 2016, China's top 500 companies, the 169th top 500 private enterprises in China.

Pioneer innovation as the soul

Traditional does not mean that the sunset industry, innovative service industry as own duty, insist on developing more new products which can meet the demand of era, made countless innovations. Group set up a state-level enterprise technology center, jiangsu (ChengHong) textile new materials research institute, national textile testing center, national chemical fiber inspection center, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, etc., group has 138 authorized patents, of which 25 invention patents. In terms of the participation of international standard and formulation, ChengHong shares on international standard (ISO/TC38 / SC23 / WG6) convener of the working party, the common management under WG6 all ISO standard project, ChengHong dyeing undertake portion of the international organization for standardization and dyeing technology committee and in October 2013 by the British to formally.

Industry as the base, aggressive sound
The group has always been firmly industry for the development of this idea. Group chemical industry uphold the "innovation of fiber technology" concept, fiber product differentiation rate of 85%, and the annual output of 1.65 million tons of differential functional polyester filament can output is a global industry leader. The company developed the world's first memory fiber production line, is the world's largest full extinction fiber supplier, cationic DTY series fiber and the world's largest supplier of fine denier differentiation suppliers, one of the world's two largest PTT chip manufacturers. ChengHong printing and dyeing in printing and dyeing processing capacity of 2 billion meters, the production capacity first in the world. Equipment adopts the most advanced production equipment, to break the traditional printing and dyeing operation mode at the same time, import ERP system management mode, in the first implementation in the workshop "printing and dyeing processing and intelligent management system.

Enter the petrochemical, deep development
According to the "industrial chain building, intensive development" industry development train of thought, group actively to the upstream industry chain, planning investment of 50 billion yuan investment in lianyungang construction set petrochemical, liquid chemical terminal, warehousing, thermoelectric integrated ChengHong petrochemical industrial park, every year to produce market shortage of chemical fiber raw materials, organic intermediates, fine chemical raw materials, new materials and other high-end petrochemical products of about 4 million tons, sales income of about 60 billion yuan.
Continues to accelerate the era of change and increasingly severe global competition environment, transformation and upgrading of group will be to "industrial revolution", achieve the spanning development of the company, and strive to achieve sales breakthrough billions in three years. Group will continue to support the development of Chinese economy, the technological progress, pei